Shirota Functional Foods

(Reus, Catalunya, Spain). Dec. 2. 2010. Consultant in the area of Structural Biology and Protein Crystallography.

Intelligent Pharma

Barcelona, Spain: Initial discussion, Dec. 2010. Interest in further collaboration. Contact. Jascha Blobel and I. Belda. Barcelona.

Parc Cientific

Barcelona, Spain: Plataform of Drug Discovery (PDD, Dr. J. Quintana, Director) and Plataforma Automatizada de Cristal.lografia (PAC, Dr. A. Guasch, Director). Visiting Professorship (9 Months) sponsored by the AGAUR agency. The Project consists of a theoretical part related to Ligand Efficiency Indices (PDD) and an experimental part related to using Humidity Control of protein crystals to optimize diffraction data from target:ligand complexes.


Basel, Switzerland. Nov. 17-18, 2010. Ligand Efficiencies are more than just an Efficiency Yardstick. Presentation and panel discussion. Contact: Eric Valeur.


Tres Cantos, Madrid. March, 18, 2010. Ligand Efficiency Indices for a more Effective Mapping of Chemico-Biological Space: the concept of an Atlas-like representation. Presentation. Contact: Luis D. Lavandera.


Cambridge Science Park. UK. Visit, presentation and panel discussion. Ligand Efficiency Indices for a more Effective Structure-Based Drug Discovery. October 20, 2009. Contact: Pamela Williams


ChemoGenomics Data Resource at EBI: Integrating biology, chemistry and pharmacological data to facilitate drug discovery in translation research. Prof. Janet Thornton. EBI Director. Visiting scientist at the Hinxton, Wellcome Trust Campus, ChEMBL group for two months. Group Leader: John Overington. September-October, 2009. Ongoing collaboration to implement and test a server for AtlasCBS.

Sunset Molecular Discovery LLC

Dr. T. Oprea. Use of WOMBAT databases to validate the use of Efficiency Indices in directing drug discovery. Courtesy access to the WOMBAT database.

University of Barcelona

Graduate course in Structure-Based Drug Design. Yearly course Feb.-March, since 2008. A graduate course covering the basic principles of macromolecular crystallography as it applies to Structure-Based Drug Design. 20 lectures course plus 3-4 (2 hour) practical sessions, in collaboration with the Plataform Automatizada de Crystal.lografia (see below).

University of Manchester

Dr. Lydia Tabernero, Lecturer. Structure-based drug discovery against M. tuberculosis MptpB: a novel strategy. Three year award (beginning Spring 2008) with Medical Research Council (MRC). Collaboration between Dr. Tabernero, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (UIC) and Prof. Scott Franzblau (Center for Tuberculosis Research (UIC). Ongoing collaboration on anti-tuberculosis targets.