Lecturing, Consulting, Training, Collaboration

Since my retirement from Abbott Laboratories, I have been pursuing scientific collaborations, lecturing and consulting agreements with various academic groups as well as computational drug-discovery groups in the Pharmaceutical Industry all over the world. The main focus of these presentations/collaborations is to introduce the use of Ligand Efficiency Indices (LEIs) in the drug-discovery work flow to use them as guides and possibly, in the near future, as robust optimization variables.

If you are interested in consulting services, lecturing, training, academic collaborations or any combination, please contact me at the addresses given. I am able and eager to travel all over the world to promote methods and ideas that can improve drug discovery based on LEIs to make drug discovery more effective and efficient. I am also eager to explore other concepts that can enrich and expand the initial insights based on the wide notion of driving drug discovery by novel, objective, robust and effective variables related to LEIs in its more general meaning. Consulting/lecture on the uses of Humidity control to optimize ligand/fragment soaking is also available. Basic concepts and papers are presented in my publications related to Efficiency-Based Drug Discovery. For Lectures, Seminars or training relating to the AtlasCBS server, contact me.

Protein crystallography is the most established and robust technique to map the atomic structures of the molecules that make life possible. I was trained as a protein crystallographer in graduate school and continue to pursue projects and publish actively in the field. Most recently in the area of improving the diffraction quality and extent of protein crystals (native) and crystals soaked in inhibitors or ligands. Consult papers in Acta Cryst. F (2011) (Abad-Zapatero et al.), and Acta Cryst D (2012) (Oliete et al.).

A current CV can be sent upon request. Please, contact me.

Cele Abad-Zapatero