Notes of a Protein Crystallographer

The title of this page corresponds to my activities as a science writer (communicator). I am member of the National Association of Science Writers and this ‘personal’ activity fills a very important niche in my professional life.

“Notes of a protein crystallographer” is a generic title for the essays and brief articles that I have been writing for a few years under this general heading. They appeared first in the Newsletter of the Protein Data Bank, when it was headed by Dr. Joel Sussman and was located at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York. Later on, some of these essays appeared in other professional publications of the macromolecular crystallography community, mainly Acta Crystallographica and Structure. Some early ones were adapted and included in my book Crystals and Life. I still write them when an issue (or event) provokes my writing muse. Typically, a more condensed essay with the same title also appeared in the Newsletter of the American Crystallographic Association (ACA). If you wish to read a brief note, consult the ACA Newsletter. If you would like to consult a more scholarly essay, you can find full references in the journal articles.

This section also lists articles that I have written related to communicating the sciences of macromolecular structure, evolution, X-ray crystallography, Synchrotron radiation to the public. They have typically appeared in El Pais, the widely circulated Spanish newspaper.

If you have further interest in this area of my activities, or wish to have some article, material or piece written, do not hesitate to contact me.

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