Crystal Edges

Dear visitor,
Thank you very much for your curiosity and interest in this blog. This blog represents a window into my writing activities provoked by the commemoration of 100th anniversary of the unveiling of the first crystal structures by a couple of insightful human beings in 1913.

The name of the blog ‘Crystal Edges’ is meant to suggest a forum to talk about crystals in two complementary ways. The crystals are typically icons of beauty and purity; this is the image in popular lore. At the same time, their geometrical and symmetrical properties give them also a unique edge among other condensed matter. It is the purpose of this blog to illustrate and stimulate discussion along those two lines of thought and other related ones. Your comments and suggestions to the content of this blog will be greatly appreciated.

Crystals of a mutant of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase that appreciably crack (right) upon leaking their metal ions (Mg++) into the surrounding solvent.