Kinase inhibitors
U.S. PATENT NO. 7,795,248. Issue date, Sept 14, 2010. Title: SUBSTITUTED 7,8-DIHYDRO-1H-PYRMIDO[4,5-B][1,4]DIAZEPIN-4-AMINES ARE NOVEL KINASE INHIBITORS. V. Gracias, C. Abad-Zapatero, Stevan W. Djuric et al. Novel protein kinase inhibitors.

Fragment-Based screening and Design by X-ray Crystallography
U.S. PATENT NO. US 6,297,021 B1. Issue date, Oct 2, 2001. Title: LIGAND SCREENING AND DESIGN By X-RAY CRYSTALLOGRAPHY. V. Nienaber, C. Abad-Zapatero, J. Greer, D. Norbeck.